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10 King Charles Circle
Summerville, SC 29485




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Elementary Bell Schedule:

7:15 a.m. – 2:05 p.m.

Early Dismissal Time:

11 a.m.

Exterior of NES

About Us 

As educators, we strive to provide the educational opportunities needed for our students to be productive citizen leaders.  

We recognize that through partnerships with our parents and community, our students gain the greatest opportunity for success. Our families are encouraged to join the PTA, conference with their child’s teacher on a regular basis, and volunteer and attend events as often as schedules permit.  

Newington Elementary Dolphins LEAD!  

I am a Newington Dolphin, destined for success and educated by the best.
I will demonstrate persistence, cooperation, and determination in all my learning.
I will show others integrity, self-control, and respect because we are a community.
I will use a growth mindset and use self-regulation strategies to achieve my goals.
I commit to inspiring, growing, and leading as a Newington Dolphin daily.
Let’s dive in!

Newington Elementary School exists to inspire all learners to grow as kind, confident leaders.

Newington Elementary School will provide meaningful, learning opportunities, build relationships, and cultivate a safe and positive community of leaders.


The primary goal of Newington Elementary faculty and staff is to facilitate the growth of students’ abilities, skills, attitudes, and interests for the benefit of themselves, their community, and their country.  

As a team, the educators of Newington, endeavor to present the content knowledge, develop fundamental skills, stimulate intellectual development, challenge learners with high expectations and rigor, and encourage creative talents, while giving students the tools to function as responsible, self-sufficient leaders in an ever-changing society.  

We acknowledge the importance of a team effort involving parents, administrators, faculty, and staff working together, with health services and community agencies, to provide a positive learning environment for each child.


The faculty and staff of Newington Elementary School will:

  • Recognize that children learn at different rates and by different modalities and will accommodate those individual needs through appropriate instructional strategies, interventions, and enrichment.
  • Model the 8 Habits of Highly Effective People, citizenship, and life skills (see PBIS Information) so students can imitate these qualities and be a contributing member of society.
  • Facilitate each child’s mastery of the SC Instructional Standards.
  • Foster a positive learning climate that encourages students to take risks in striving for excellence, be self-motivated, and leaders of themselves.
  • Develop well-rounded individuals by promoting student involvement in academic and community affairs.
  • Enhance the self-concept of each student through small-group interaction and positive reinforcement.
  • Adhere to a school discipline management program that includes defined requirements and consequences (positive behavior interventions).
  • Stimulate the professional growth of teachers and administrators through ongoing professional development, shared strategies, and providing resources to support the work.
  • Supplement the basic curriculum by utilizing community resources and programs that augment and enrich a student’s understanding and perception of the society in which he/she lives.
  • Empower and engage our student learners in having voice and choice in learning and leadership opportunities.