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Counseling Core Curriculum & Activities

August- September  2023:  

Introduction To The School Counselor And How To Be A Responsible Student

October- 2023

Being the Best Me- How I Can Be a Positive Influence In My Community.

18th- Unity Day:  Unity Day is celebrated in October, and orange is a color commonly identified with the month and the autumn season. As part of National Bullying Month, students are invited to wear orange; It is a color that is associated with safety and visibility. It is a color described as warm and inviting, and its vibrancy makes an impactful statement. This is a day that everyone can come together with a visual statement that our actions matter not only on one day, but every day.

23rd-27th - Red Ribbon Week: Be Kind to your Mind, Live Drug Free!

November 2023

Personal Body Safety

December 2023

Personal Body Safety

January 2024


February 2024

NATIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELING WEEK- February 5, 2024- February 9, 2024

College and Career Week - February 12, 2024- February 16, 2024.

March 2024

Conflict Resolution

April 2024